Production of fake rocks, boulders, ponds, flower pots for garden landscaping



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Landscape designers

For landscape designers For creative workshops and individual landscape designers we can offer our products with a discount.

When creating on the site various compositions it may be necessary to cover the parts of utilities and building structures (manholes, pipes, outputs of irrigation system, electrical outlets, etc.)

There are situations it is impossible to deliver large and heavy architectural objects to the prepared site. For such cases, the products of our company are the best solutions.

Depending on the style of the composition, you can pick the color of the product, and in the absence of the finished product of the right color - we can make it to order in a short time. Taking into account the wishes of our customer and the type of the composition, in the design of the site you can use artificial boulders, mini fountains and ponds, decorative millstones and the other products of our production.

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