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Production: materials and technologies


MaterialsNatural stone – is a wonderful material which permits to create unique compositions in landscape design and change the site beyond recognition. Alpine gardens, fountains, ponds, waterfalls, retaining walls etc.

But natural stone has some serious defects: it is very heavy and expensive; it is difficult to refine to achieve the desired result or to build in additional equipment.

We offer an alternative, namely artificial rocks and boulders. They are lighter than natural stones, their transportation and laying is not difficult, they are long-lasting, waterproof, is not subject to weathering and destruction by UV radiation, resistant to wearing; they can be easily sanitized. Artificial decorative rocks do not crumble or delaminate; they have a higher resistance than limestone or sandstone. We offer a wide range of colors, which permits designers and architects to create individual landscape projects.

For the manufacture of our products, we use natural pebble gravel of various fractions.

Natural pebble gravel

Marble, granite, quarrystone, serpentine, basalt, jasper, and other stones, crushed to crumbs, with dimensions of 1-3 mm, permits to render a variety of colors and shades of natural boulders and repeat the texture of natural stone.

As a binder for stone pebble gravel we use polyester resins produced by the leading European manufacturers. The interior part of the product is reinforced with fiberglass. These materials are highly resilient, light and environmentally friendly.


We manufacture artificial rocks and boulders with the use of the technology, which allows obtaining products almost undistinguishable from natural stones, repeating in every detail the relief and the texture of the original.

The manufacturing process of decorative boulders begins with the search for an appropriate natural boulder and its delivery to the workshop.

Delivery to the workshopDelivery to the workshop

The boulder 1 m in diameter weighs 1.5 tons. Therefore, it is not possible to transport such a boulder without specialized vehicles. Then the boulder is cleared out of mud and washed. If necessary, the sculptor refines the workpiecе to get a predetermined shape, cuts the corners, hollows pockets for flower pots, etc. When the workpiecе is finished, a silicone mold is made, tooling is produced. At this point the matrix for the new model is ready for use.

To achieve a high quality surface of artificial boulders, the matrix is covered with several layers of pebble gravel having the desired composition, color and size. This is responsible and hard work, on which depends the verisimilitude of finished products.

Boulder is cleared out of mud and washed the matrix for the new model The decorative layer is reinforced with fiberglass filled with pebble gravel crushed to the state of powder Готовый камень-валун

The decorative layer is reinforced with fiberglass filled with pebble gravel crushed to the state of powder. Thus, the basic material used in the manufacture of our products is natural stone.

After drying and cut-up the product is ready for sale.

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