Production of fake rocks, boulders, ponds, flower pots for garden landscaping



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Construction troubles left behind. The house is built and decorated, trees and shrubs planted, the lawn grassed. But something is missing. There is something unique that can favorably distinguish your site from the same neighboring buildings.

Rocks, boulders and rock composition will give your site a unique finished look. An alpine garden, a small pond with a fountain and a waterfall, a few rocks with spotlights illuminating the area, plants, a lawn path made of chipped granite tiles. It’s a beauty!

But at the same time there are situations when natural rocks for all their virtues, cannot cope with this task. How to hide a manhole cover? How to hide a pipe coming out to the surface, a garden hose, etc? In addition, natural rocks of a desired shape are not easy to find, difficult to deliver to the site (they are very heavy, need special equipment), they cannot hide serviced technological constructions (manholes, septic tank etc.). Moreover, it is practically impossible to build in a lamp or a socket inside natural rocks.

We offer an affordable solution to your problems - decorative fake rocks, boulders, and other elements of landscape design, made of decorative fake rock.

Externally, fake rocks are identical to natural rocks, but they have a number of advantages. They are hollow inside, light but solid. Fake rocks are made of reinforced fiberglass and natural stone chips using granite, marble, quartzite, quarrystone, serpentinite and other natural stones. So our products are indistinguishable from natural rocks protruding above the ground.

Artificial rocks covering a manhole cover is 80 cm large and weighs about 8 kg, which makes it easy to access the necessary utilities.

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