Production of fake rocks, boulders, ponds, flower pots for garden landscaping



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Your green lawn

The arrangement of a green lawn is an integral part of the landscape design. When improving the area one should develop all phases of landscaping.
When sowing lawn grass or a mixture for green areas one should take into account the type of soil, climate and humidity. It should be remembered that the mixture can be annual and perennial. In the overall design of the green area, consider land area, according to this, you can build a park, Moorish or sports lawn. On a green lawn it is possible to arrange an original terrace made of wood, separating it from the house with a strip of gravel and a lined strip of decorative stones and boulders. The green zone can be arranged creatively, using garden hardscaping elements, decorative stones, boulders, lamps, stone pots with flowering plants, fountains and waterfalls, and much more.