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Mediterranean Style Gardens

The Mediterranean style is associated with the sun, bright colors, flower variety, intense flavors. The Mediterranean garden can not be imagined without hardscape elements, numerous winding garden pathways, ponds and small landscape pools.

Decorating the gardenCreating a Mediterranean garden is possible on a large isolated area. The main elements of Mediterranean style are straight pathways, well-cared-for lawns, swings, garden furniture or pergolas and patios.

What will you need to create a Mediterranean atmosphere?

- the use of natural materials: limestone, stone, ceramics (you can use fake rocks and boulders, made with stone pebble);

— stone garden pathways; — the presence of hardscape elements: you can use millstones for decorating the garden;

— a patio;

— various garden furniture;

— various flowers;

fountains, pools, etc.;

— the use of terra cotta, sand, white, blue, beige.

When planning a garden in Mediterranean style, it should be noted that the patio should be located taken at a distance from the border area. When arranging a patio vertical gardening is used, in the center there is a pond or a fountain.

Across the garden there are a lot of pots and containers with flowers and other plants. An excellent solution for such a garden would be a decorative stone with slotted floral pockets.