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Boulders and stones may play a significant role in the greening of your site, adding texture and focal changes of the landscape.

Placed in certain areas of your site, rocks provide attractive landshafta.Neskolko tips how to place stones in your area for a more attractive appearance.

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1. Place the large boulders to the far corners of the site, to shape and to draw the attention of its landscape.
2. It is advisable to place some boulders or stones of various sizes across the landscape, to create a more natural look and make it more pleasing to the eye. Different height and shape of the boulders provide a perfect view of the landscape.
3. Create a symmetry by placing stones on either side of the track or the cascade fountain.

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4. You can also place stones of different sizes and in different sizes on the hill, and a variety of flowers, plants can be planted around the hill.

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Our company's products can give flavor to your landscape. Stones, boulders are light weight, it is said that you alone can change the design of your landscape at any time. Despite its light weight, the stones resistant to various weather conditions.