Production of fake rocks, boulders, ponds, flower pots for garden landscaping



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Dry Riverbed Landscaping

Dry river bed in the design of the area is able to revive any landscape, giving it a unique finished appearance.
Dry riverbed is a decorative element, originating in the tradition of Japanese gardens. Dry riverbed, presenting a stylish element of the landscape, is easy in setting, as it does not require special knowledge and financial resources. Such an element of the landscape helps to zone the space, and it allows to create spatial effect. Also, using a decorative element, you can hide or cover manholes etc., for this purpose, you can use artificial stones and boulders. A dry riverbed is a practical and inexpensive decoration for the area, it does not need changes on the terrain or expensive special technical equipment. The first step is marking the contours, you can use ordinary sand.The second step - make a recess 30 cm deep. This is followed by preparation of the foundation for the protection from erosion using geotextiles or concrete layer.Then it is possible to decorate it with rocks and boulders: larger - on the banks, small stones and pebbles - in the "mainstream." Decorative stones and boulders can help our production to realize this stage.The final step is the selection of the floristic composition. Stone flower pots can be used as a supplement in the selected floristic composition.