Production of fake rocks, boulders, ponds, flower pots for garden landscaping



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Экосады — оформление садового участка максимально естественно, при этом вмешательство в развитие растений может быть разным: от максимально свободного произрастания до продуманной целиком дикой картинки.

Boulders and stones may play a significant role in the greening of your site, adding texture and focal changes of the landscape.

Японский сад в настоящее время является достаточно популярной тенденцией при оформлении ландшафтных дизайнов.

French landscape style is perfect for small areas and creates an atmosphere of relaxation.
The arrangement of a green lawn is an integral part of the landscape design. When improving the area one should develop all phases of landscaping.
Decorative lighting creates a unique effect of trick of the light and landscape design. Decorative lights accentuating flower beds, trees and shrubs create a magical garden.

The Mediterranean style is associated with the sun, bright colors, flower variety, intense flavors. The Mediterranean garden can not be imagined without hardscape elements, numerous winding garden pathways, ponds and small landscape pools.

Pathways in the garden area should be considered thoroughly, as well as competently be planned, harmoniously combining all the areas.

Fountains are a real decoration of the garden and lounge area, it becomes a central element of landscape design. Let's consider fountain device.

Dry river bed in the design of the area is able to revive any landscape, giving it a unique finished appearance.