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Stone sinks

ТачИнфо Групп

Stone sink – a truly Royal piece of furniture, giving the room a unique look, a sense of comfort, purity and wealth. Long natural stone surrounds and accompanies him throughout the history of mankind. Since ancient times, stone basin decorated palaces, baths. Over time, the art mineral processing improved, even today, however, sinks made of natural stone is not available to everyone because they are quite expensive.


We offer a decent replacement at an affordable price. It is a composite material, which is based on chips of natural stone – marble, granite, serpentine, basalt, etc. Products made of this material look like natural stone, but lighter and much cheaper.

Shell stone can be used not only in the bathroom. It also will be an excellent decoration of your kitchen. It can become the Central object or part of an ensemble which includes desks and work surfaces of stone. Thanks to the strength of such shells are very long, and smooth surface meets the requirements of hygiene and easy maintenance.