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Stone bathtub

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Bath made of artificial stone: an additional decoration for your home


To make a bathroom not just comfortable, but luxurious and unique stone bath will help. Tub natural stone is not available to everyone because of high prices, due to the high complexity of processing, huge weight, delivery problems, etc.

We offer artificial stone natural stone crumb is very durable, but at the same time, light and plastic material. Due to this property of the bath can be made of any shape, both standard and original.

Baths made from natural stone chips look very nice and expensive. Looking at its texture, you will never be able to say that it is only an imitation of stone, and not he himself.

In the manufacture of our stone baths are not used dyes, the color of the product depends on color and texture used chips (red and black granite, marble of different shades, green basalt, grey-green veined serpentine ...). Therefore, bath with over the years will not lose its original color even in natural light.

In the stone bath are not afraid to drop some heavy object – this bathroom is not broken, as, for example, faience. Small mechanical damages and scratches, you can easily restore it.

Our baths have high hygienic properties. The stone baths are not formed microcracks, which could become clogged with dirt. The care of such a bath is very simple, you can use any detergent and a minimum of effort. Besides, they are not afraid of corrosive and chemically aggressive environments (acids, alkalis, dyes...).

The low thermal conductivity of the artificial stone allows the plumbing to maintain water temperature longer in comparison with cast iron and steel counterparts.

We offer baths of artificial stone of various shapes and colors. Believe that the purchase of such products will decorate your bathroom and will allow you to not worry about replacing baths for many years.