Production of fake rocks, boulders, ponds, flower pots for garden landscaping



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Production of fake rocks, boulders, ponds, flower pots for garden landscaping

Ti-Group is a group of companies engaged in manufacture, trade, provision of services in the sphere of information technology solutions, supply of various goods from China.

One of the directions of our activities is the production of fake rocks, boulders and other products for landscaping.

Natural stones are the one of the main elements used in landscaping design. Using stones one can accentuate the beauty of flower arrangements, redefine rock gardens, artificial and natural ponds, enhance the relief. It is believed that the presence of boulders and rocks has a positive impact on the health of each individual.

But not everyone has the physical and material opportunity to purchase, deliver and install natural boulders and rocks (a stone large a meter in diameter weighs more than a ton). Only a few people can afford to redefine such boulders according to a particular design.

We offer a simple solution to this challenge - rocks, and rock composition manufactured using chips of natural granite, marble, quartzite, quarrystone, serpentinite and other natural stones.

Products are made from natural stone chips, fixed with composite materials. They are 10-15 mm thick, hollow, lightweight, durable, eco-friendly.

The product range is constantly updated. We can manufacture any product on request.

Practical examples

valuny-dlia-landshafta-1.jpg valuny-dlia-landshafta-3.jpg valuny-dlia-landshafta-2.jpg